My Biggest Scrapbook Quirk

All scrapbookers are a little quirky, right?  Right??

I have a strict policy for my scrapping- any single event or trip gets ONE spread in the scrapbook. It doesn't matter how long the trip was or how many hundreds of photos I took. ONE layout. 

A lot of my fellow scrapbookers think I'm crazy. 

I do actually have a reason for my strict limit on pages per event- fear of running out of storage space. I've been scrapping for a long, long time. I already have several dozen scrapbooks on the shelves. If each trip or special event had its own album, we would quickly be buried in albums.

During our 10-day Alaska cruise, Steve and I took about 600 photos that were keepers  Obviously, I had plenty of pictures to fill a whole scrapbook (or two). It was very difficult to pick which photos to print. Eventually, I narrowed it down to about 40, which I printed mostly as 2x3's. I ended up using 33 of them on this layout:   

This layout shows all the highlights of our trip at a glance. Each of the family members who traveled with us is in at least one photo. I included photos from each of our shore excursions and from the geocaching we did. The animals we saw (like the baby bear trying unsuccessfully to catch a fish) are there, as are the most beautiful of the vistas. There are pictures in the pool, the buffet, and our stateroom. In 33 pictures, I captured ten day's worth of memories.

What about the other 500+ good photos? They aren't going to be scrapbooked. We have an online gallery for our family, and I uploaded all the good photos there. I put in detailed captions, so that if we ever want to do more reminiscing than the scrapbook page can provide, we'll go there.  


  1. I am the same way... I have to scrap at least 3 photos from ANY trip we take (even if its a day trip!) I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how you made your Alaska lo!! 33!!! WOW!! That is IMPRESSIVE! :):):):):):):):):):):)

    1. Actually, you're the opposite of me! I set a maximum and you set a minimum. Funny how we all approach scrapping so differently.

  2. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I think you are crazy it is just so hard to see all those great photos not being scrapped! I agree with your reasoning and I am trying to pare my pics down since I have so many albums as well. I don't think I'll get to where you are but maybe a happy medium :)

  3. I totally hear ya! I love that approach!! :) I recently saw someone who printed each years photo's in a digital album through blurb - they were thin, took up little space, had location notes, dates and people's names. I'm totally doing that since I still love to be able to flip through albums - I couldn't let them only live on my computer! But that's just me!! :)

    That Alaska layout looks awesome - love it! :)

  4. I'm totally quirky too. Don't worry. My issue is that I do not LIKE crooked things on my pages. I have a hard time placing anything tilted or off-kilter. It always looks wrong to me. LOL I love how you included so many photos on this page. It looks like a truly wonderful trip.

  5. Let me start by saying how I love your layout and the 33 pictures with the little bit of journaling look like they really do tell the story.

    I can really relate to what you are saying Cindy. Yesterday, DH and brought all the boxes that were brought to us from storage in Oregon, into my craft room. Why? Because all 8 boxes were scrapbooks. My only reprive is that there are many, many pages that I will not keep, if and when I ever redo them to make them archival.

  6. I love to hear all about everyone's "issues" and "quirks"!!!!!!! Your page from Alaska is amazing, Cindy!


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