They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  When I learn that someone loves my work enough to copy it exactly, it is indeed incredibly flattering.  I recently got a message from a woman named Lisa (Dancinirish90), telling me that she'd done a lift of my layout "So Happy Together." 

Here is Lisa's:

And here is mine:

Lisa, thanks for the compliment!  And thanks for being the kind of person who gives proper credit.  You're awesome.  Lisa does very nice original work as well, which you can see using the link above.

And speaking of giving proper credit, I should mention again that my layout was based on a sketch by Shannon White

Usually when I scraplift, my finished project bears little resemblance to the original.  Try as I might to embrace someone else's, my own style pushes its way through.  Over the years, there have only been a few layouts that I've copied outright.  The layout below is one.  It's of the most scraplifted layouts I have ever seen.  And it's no wonder- it is gorgeous.  This is by the fabulous MissyGinCT.

Here is my version:


  1. I think she did an amazing job lifting your page Cindy! I love the lift that you did too. That photo of Trevor with the tiny heart is beyond sweet!

  2. cindy! Your lift is so pretty!!!! And so was the lift of your page! You guys are awesome! Isn't scrapping great when people share each others work and talent! I love this!!!!!!!


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