Fall Napkin Rings

Last week, Tonya Gibbs posted a tip at Flamingo Scraps about how to keep Glossy Accents unclogged.  In the comments, I said that I needed a post telling me how to use Glossy Accents, since I never use mine!  She responded on Friday with a new post which showed 5 projects using Glossy Accents and Crackle Accents.  At the end, she challenged me to use Glossy Accents on my next project.

Well, there's something about being called out by name in front of hundreds that motivates a person to accept a challenge!  I was most inspired by Tonya's use of Glossy Accents to make a 'dewdrop' on a flower.  I was thinking about that as I was walking to pick Trevor up from kindergarten, my feet crunching the zillions of acorns on the sidewalk.  I gathered a large handful of acorns and decided to experiment with Glossy Accents on them.

Of course, the second Trevor saw me he noticed that I had a huge handful of acorns.  He was instantly curious about what project I had planned for us to do together.  I told him we'd be making napkin rings.  He said, "Great!  What are napkin rings?"  I love his enthusiasm.

Here are my napkin rings:

And here are Trevor's:

They were fun and easy to make.  I started by cutting an empty toilet paper roll into 6 rings, which we then painted with fall colors.  While they were drying, we stamped oak leaves using Staz-On, then did a color wash over that.  (Actually, that's what I did- Trevor did the first one that way and used crayon on his next two.)  After I did the fussy cutting, I coated my leaves and acorns with Glossy Accents.  We left Trevor's plain for contrast.

When everything was dry, we tied string/ribbon around the rings and used Glossy Accents to attach the leaves.  I used the glue gun to attach the acorn, as I wasn't sure if Glossy Accents was intended to hold that much weight.

Here's a closer look at one of my napkin rings:

What a fun project!  Not only did the Glossy Accents work well as an adhesive, but I love the shine that it provides.  How have you used Glossy Accents?  Leave a link in the comments- I'd love to get other project ideas!


  1. Just saw this over at FS... you and Trevor totally ROCKED it!! Loveeeeeeeeeeee them! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Such a cool project Cindy! I have used Glossy Accents a lot. I use it on boring letter stickers to make them shiny. Especially on water/pool themed pages. I love using it as dew drops and rain drops too!

  3. These are darling. What a great project. I need to break out my Glossy Accents too. I love the way you used things in nature. I would have never thought to use acorns this way. My toddler loves to collect sticks. Hmmm, wonder what crafty thing I can make with those!

  4. Still love these!! They are adorable :)


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