8 Happy Years

Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband Steve.  He is kind, smart, supportive, generous, romantic and everything else you could ask for in a spouse.  

Cindy and Steve, 7th anniversary, 5/30/11

Here we are, eight years ago today. It's always fun to look back at older layouts. I have no idea why I used all that green since our wedding colors were tangerine, hot pink and purple (aka Tangerine Tango, Cabaret, and Bellflower). Oh well. Despite the green, I love this layout because I included each of our vows, written out in our own handwriting. Steve has terrible handwriting and absolutely hates writing, so it shows how much he loves me that he was willing to sit down and painstakingly write out his vows to be preserved forever in the scrapbook. 


Here is the anniversary card I made for Steve.  I hope he likes it.  :)

Happy anniversary Steve!  Thank you for eight wonderful years.  


  1. Happy anniversary!! LOVING your wedding lo and your card you made for him is beautiful!! LOVING the hearts!!!!

  2. How lovely! :) Happy Anniversary!!!! :)

  3. I guess you used the green because it looks so nice! It is a great LO! I am sure Steve loved his card, too. Hope you have a wonderful annivesary and get to do something special to celebrate!

  4. Congratulations you guys! Here's to 80 more! :-)

  5. Happy anniversary Cindy and Steve! To more good years! :)

    I love your wedding layout....it's soooooo special that you each wrote your vows in your own handwriting!!!!:)

    Love the sweet anniversary card too!

  6. I love that you preserved your vows in your respective handwriting. That is so meaningful. You were a beautiful bride. Lovely layout and card and a very happy anniversary to both of you.


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