Complementary Colors - Blue/Orange

This month's Fiskateer Color Challenge asked us to make something using complementary colors- that is, colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel, such as red/green, purple/yellow, and blue/orange.

I am really drawn to blue/orange, so that's what I used to make my card:


A quick glance through my gallery showed that I have used blue and orange together many times in the past.  Here's a layout from our 2004 honeymoon:

A card from 2008:

A layout from 2008 (Made for my local scrapbook store as a "cardstock only" class sample, which is why there are no pictures or anything that isn't cardstock.)

A 2009 layout celebrating Trevor's love of reading:

Two layouts from 2010: 

And three projects from 2011:


Interestingly, when I looked through my stuff for examples of other complementary color combinations, I found almost nothing.  There were a few red/green Christmas layouts, but no other use of those two colors together.  There was a single purple/yellow project, which was from a previous Color Challenge and not something I would have ever made on my own.  

Have you made projects using complementary colors?


  1. I loveeeeeeeee your latest card....and loving looking back at your other projects with the same color combo!! FAB!!!

  2. I'm a red/green person. My home is decorated in burgundy and dark green with golds thrown about. But I don't scrap with it unless it's Christmas stuff. I usually scrap with three colors or monotones. I keep a color wheel on my table and use it a lot to get me out of my rut. Love seeing your past work...wonderful as always.

  3. I really like all kinds of blue and orange together ... LOVE seeing all your projects! :)

  4. These are lovely. I love this colour combo. Love looking at how your style has evolved.:)

  5. Yep. Blue and orange are wonderful together. You did a great job on these projects! I always love visiting your blog.


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