Appreciation Gifts

I joined the local chapter of the International MOMS Club when Trevor was 3 weeks old - definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I went from being a new mom with no clue, nothing to do, and no local friends, to having a dozens of local friends with kids the same age as mine, friends with older children who provided me with advice and hand-me-downs, and playgroups and activities five days a week.  It's been awesome.

With Trevor in school five days a week now, I'm not nearly as active with MOMS Club as I used to be.  (I still try to go to as many things as I can.  I'm the coordinator of our kindergarten-age playgroup, plus I coordinate the monthly brunch for moms with school-age kids.)  For three years, I was on the Executive Board- Secretary in 2007-2008, then President from 2008-2010.  Part of my job as President was to make (extremely) inexpensive appreciation gifts for our volunteers (usually around 12 women), outgoing Board Members (5 women), and incoming Board Members (5 women).  

As I was chatting at the park last week with members of the current Board, I realized I've never posted the appreciation gifts I made.  I don't have pictures of everything (what was I thinking?!), but I'll share what I have.

Here are the cards:


And here are the gifts.  These say, "Thank you for chipping in to help make MOMS Club great!" and inside was a bag of chocolate chips.

The following year, each volunteer got a small container of hand sanitizer.  The tag says, "You deserve a (hand).  Thank you for all your hard work to help make MOMS Club so great!"

I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's Board gives to the volunteers!


  1. Those gifts are so very clever and creative. tfs.

  2. Such great ideas!! I loveeeeeeeeee them!

  3. Wow! These are awesome ideas for gifts! And mostly yummy. I love edible gifts...lol :)


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