Found Object Stamping

Today I'm sharing two more projects I made on National Scrapbook Day for Fiskateer challenges.  The "Stamp It!" challenge asked us to make a card using stamps, and the "Upcycle It!" challenge required us to make something from an item we'd normally throw away.  I made a stamped card and matching gift box, both of which featured stamping and the use of items I'd normally throw away!  

To make the card, I started with a piece of white cardstock and acrylic paint (green, blue and red).  I stamped large blue circles using an empty pill container.  Next, I added the green concentric circles using the center piece from an empty roll of tape.  Finally, the red circles came from a used drinking straw.

I let the paint dry, then matted it with red cardstock and attached it to a card base.  Then I stamped the sentiment, matted that, and attached it to the finished card.

The gift box started life as Girl Scout cookies.  I painted the box white.  It took two coats to get good coverage.  

When it was dry, I stamped it the same way I did the card.  Add the gift, some tissue paper, and it's ready to go!

Oops!  Good thing acrylic paint washes off so easily. 
Now I'm seeing the boxes in my pantry in a whole new way.  And I'll definitely be on the lookout for other pieces of 'trash' that we can use for stamping.  The possibilities are endless!  


  1. Uh oh to the ring!! Glad it came off!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the box and the card!! What a great idea!!!!

  2. AWEsome stamping! I didn't guess any of the objects correctly :) this is such a wonderful project for a unique look!

  3. Great idea and so fun to look at. Kids would like doing this also.

  4. Can I say brilliant? I love the whole project. You took what could have been a "childs" project and gave it a sophistication that I will be copying! Hugs

  5. Oh...I love the fun circle action! So glad you gave life to normally discarded items! :)

  6. Great idea all around! This will be fun to do with my 7 year old.


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