National Scrapbook Day Wrap-up (Part 1)

As many of you know, Saturday was National Scrapbook Day.  Lots of people celebrate by going somewhere to celebrate, but I prefer to stay home and do online crops.  Each year, my goal is to finish all of the challenges at scrapbook.com and as many of the Fiskateer challenges as I can.  It is always a blast!  

I completed all six timed challenges at scrapbook.com (there's also weeklong one I haven't done yet), sixteen Fiskateer challenges (not all of those required making something).  I'm ordinarily a very slow scrapper, so that level of output is pretty amazing.  

Today I'm going to share three of the four layouts I made for scrapbook.com challenges.  Each of the layout challenges lasted two hours.  Since it takes a significant amount of time to scan, stitch, upload and link, I allowed myself no more than 1 hr 15 minutes for each layout.  

The "There's No Place Like Home" challenge asked us to make a layout about our home.  Because I've scrapped our house before, I chose to scrap our city and what makes it special.  As you can see, I went really simple for this layout and dedicated most of my 75 minutes to the journaling.  

The "Mask it and Mist it" challenge required (obviously) a mask and some mist.  I started with a sheet of white cardstock, then chose adhesive chipboard letters for the title.  I misted over the whole thing with four different colors.  I removed the chipboard and saved it for a future use.  While it was drying, I drafted my journaling.  I don't always plan my journaling ahead of time, but I wanted it to fit the space properly and I couldn't do anything while it was drying anyway.  Fortunately, it only took a few minutes.  I added the pictures and cut a cardstock flag for the date and I was done, under an hour. 

The "Sketch It" challenge asked us to make a layout using this sketch by Kels.

This was by far the hardest challenge for me.  They'd told us ahead of time to have three 3x5 photos, but mine were vertical instead of horizontal.  Normally I'd rotate the sketch, but it looked weird that way.  So I trimmed down my photos and squeezed in a banner to house my title.  I tried a few things with the circles before settling on a tone-on-tone design.  Everything else was too bold or busy for my taste, and it competed with the pictures.  In the end, I love how this turned out.


Tomorrow I'll share the card challenges from National Scrapbook Day!


  1. These are all awesome!! I love that last one the best! I love how you added the title to the banner!

  2. What an accomplishment! These are pretty awesome! :)

  3. Hi Cindy; your layouts are all great. I'm a slow scrapper (also) and don't know if I'd been up to the time restriction that you handled so well.


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