Playing with Paint

Here's the second layout I made for Nancy's family. The pictures are from their May 2011 trip to Moab, Utah.  

I wanted the design to be stark, much like the landscape in the photos. I love the way the red rocks look against the blue sky, so I chose that for my color palette. I poured some Americana 'Georgia Clay' acrylic paint into my Frisbee. Then I got out the old toothbrush I keep in the craftroom.

I dipped the toothbrush into the paint, then ran my thumb across the bristles to splatter paint onto plain tan paper. I let a few accent drips fall, then used the toothbrush to paint the chipboard title and date stickers. What fun to play with paint! 


  1. Loveeeeeeeeee how you did the paint!! I usually tap the brush!! I loveeeee the lo you made for them!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I really love the color scheme on this page. I just know she'll love the way this turned out.

  3. Love how you extended the landscape from the photos to the background. Nicely done!


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