Spring Stamp Out

As I've mentioned before, I am a huge fan of online crops, especially the ones at Fiskateers.  Part of what I love about them is that there is almost always a teaching component.  I learn so much from participating!  

The Fiskateer Spring Stamp Out just wrapped up.  It was all about stamping, which is one of my weaker areas.  I have done a bit of stamping over the years, but I still have so much to learn.  I completed all 17 challenges, which included 2 games, a photo, and gallery hopping.. so a total of 13 projects.  Today I'm going to share 6 of those.

I completed the "You Shine" challenge first.  It was very straightforward- stamp on a shiny surface and/or add shine via glitter or embossing.  I used StazOn ink to stamp on a metal tag, then used my beloved Prismacolor markers to color in the gift.  I added Stickles over the pen for a final bit of shine.


Next was "Tag You're It."  The instructions were very simple- stamp on a tag.  First, I stamped the sentiment in black.  Then I stamped the curly shape with Versamark and used four colors of chalk.  The colors are more vibrant in real life than in the picture.  They're Lego colors. I'll be adding this tag to Trevor's gift at his Lego party.  

The "Numbers and Letters" challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to use a background stamp I've had forever but have never used on a card.  When I first got this stamp many years ago, I didn't know how to ink it.  I'd always assumed you had to have a larger inkpad than your stamp (which I didn't).  Now I know that ink-to-stamp is far more effective than stamp-to-ink and eliminates the need to have gigantic inkpads.

For the "Let's Get Techy" challenge, I tried a technique I've never done before: second generation stamping.  It took me a few tries to get the hang of it and create something I liked.  I was going to add a sentiment to the front, but I decided that I like it the way it is with just a sentiment on the inside.  I have such a hard time making sympathy cards! 

My goddaughters' baptism was a year ago Tuesday, so I made them cards to mark the occasion.  I wanted to make cards that were different from last year's (which you can see here) but still baptism-appropriate.  The "Wall Flower" challenge had us stamp spring flowers and color them in.  Nothing says spring like daffodils!

I started by using my new black embossing powder.  Ugh!  Stray powder everywhere.  A little research and I learned that I could eliminate the unsightly static by brushing my paper with baby powder.  It worked like a charm!  Check out the before and after:

 Once I had two nice images, I colored them with Prismacolors.  I love how these turned out.
The "3...2...1..." challenge was the toughest one for me.  3 embellishments, 2 stamps, and 1 punch... all on one project.  I struggled with how to do all that and still make a project that I liked that was true to my style.  I started with the two stamps and one punch, as that was the easier part.  I stamped the sentiment and punched out a circle around it.  Then I stamped the cake and colored it in.  Then I stopped and stared at it for awhile.  

3 embellishments... hmm... I tucked a shiny red ribbon behind the circle, then added Stickles to the cake.   The cake looked out of place, so I added a blue star and a yellow scalloped circle behind the sentiment.  Two more punches, but still no third embellishment!  I wanted something shiny and red.  Sequins!  Left over from my dancing days.  (I just searched, but apparently I still haven't blogged about my 11 years as a ballroom dancer.  I totally thought I had!)
 Six super fun projects!  Tomorrow I'll share a few more.


  1. Wowwwwwwwwww! Look at you rocking the stamps!! I have always struggled with stamps too... but you rocked them!!!!

  2. These are awesome projects!!!! :) GREAT job!

  3. Oh wow! You are a super achiever....these are awesome. Glad you were suitably challenged too! ;)

  4. Great job on those! I love that crossword puzzle one!!

  5. The baby powder tip is awesome! Thanks for sharing your projects with us Cindy. You did a great job!


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