Apple-Shaped Teacher Appreciation Card

Here's another card I made on National Scrapbook Day.  It's for Trevor's kindergarten teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week:

I was inspired by this card by Fiskateer #8546, Amy:

Of course, Trevor made one too.  Materials: red, brown and green cardstock, scissors, pencil, pen, and glue.

Begin by folding the red paper in half to form a card.  Lightly sketch the shape of an apple on the card, making sure there is a slightly 'flattened' part on the left side of the apple.  This will hold the card together.  Cut along the sketch line.

Cut a stem from brown cardstock and a leaf from green cardstock.  Attach using the glue.  Add a message to the card.  Couldn't be easier!  
Here's Trevor's finished card. 

I like to photograph the inside of the cards Trevor makes.  It's fun to see how his spelling and handwriting are improving over time.  Quite a dramatic difference from this time last year!  Which, of course, is just further proof that Mrs. Monachello is a grat techer.  :)

To all the teachers out there, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!! Tooooo cute!

  2. Tell Trevor his card is grat... so precious that he's doing this....you are his inspiration. tfs.

  3. This is sooooo cute! Love how you keep your crafts simple so that Trevor can replicate them. His card turned out great...except for the spelling...lol

  4. Oh this is awesome and so wonderful your little helper is making it!



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