The Awesome Ed Embereley

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I liked to draw when I was a kid. No surprise, right? Strangely, I don't think I ever took any drawing classes, but I do remember checking out lots of library books from the 741.2 section of the library about how to draw. (No, I didn't actually remember the exact Dewey Decimal Number of the "Drawing - Technique" section, but I did remember it was in the middle of the 700's.) I think I was around 6 or 7 when I first discovered Ed Emberely.  

Ed Emberely's books have been so popular for so long that I assume most of you know them. For those who don't, he has published 80+ books (I had to look that up too) that teach elementary age children how to draw by using very simple, illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Last year, Trevor's godmother gave him Ed Embereley's Complete Funprint Drawing Book and ink set and he was smitten. A year later, he still loves it.    

Here are some of the critters Trevor made this week.  

Here are some of mine.

After making some from the book, I started making up my own. Trevor immediately guessed, "Rainbow!" but I wasn't done. More fingerprints.

Once I added the brown thumb, pinkies, and index finger, he knew what I was making.


This gave him an idea. I watched as he did blues, greens and purples, then added the browns.  Peacock!

I should mention that the area around Trevor's school has a ton of peacocks. We regularly see them moseying down the sidewalk or on a neighbors' lawn (or roof) on our walk to school. I love that.

You know, I should check to see if my own goddaughters have any Ed Emberely books yet. They obviously make a really good gift for budding artists. Any other Ed Emberely fans out there?   


  1. Another great project with Trevor! :)

  2. I loved drawing when I was little too!
    I probably used some of Ed's books!
    When I became a teenager i got more into fashion though and drew clothes and models and the occassional still life.
    I wanted to be a fshion designer or interior designer but that never panned out.

    Love your projects! You really keep Trevor entertained and get him to stretch those creative muscles!! Good for you!
    The turkey and peacock look great!!!

  3. These are super cute! Love how Trevor extends from your original idea....he's smart cookie!

  4. I am so glad he is still enjoying the book! It's so much fun to rediscover toys/games/crafts/books from our childhood with the next generation.

  5. How sweet!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee both of your drawings!!!

  6. Love Trevor's art!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


  7. I had one of those books growing up and it was the only way I could draw anything!!! I'm not an artist in the drawing sense of the word at all. I love your turkey and Trevor's peacock!


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