Kindergarten Memories

Once again, I've been tackling the huge piles of unfinished layouts that have accumulated on all my work surfaces.  One of the pages was a collage of random pictures from Trevor's kindergarten year.  I'd planned to use some school-themed paper, but the busy paper with a busy photo collage just wasn't working for me... so I set it, unfinished, on the pile. 

When I came back to the layout, I knew that the problem was busy-on-busy.  I removed the school papers, matted the collage with a subtle blue dot, and backed the whole thing with a lime green.  It was really stark, so I added white mist to the background.  I stamped my title on a red dot, then punched stars from that same paper.  The finished layout is somewhat plain, but I love that the photos are front and center.

Now that I'm on a roll (and starting to see my desktop again), expect to see more finished layouts in the near future!


  1. Loveeeeeee this!!! Loving all the photos and the stars!!! :)

  2. I like this layout and that kind in general. I do one photo layouts more now than I used to but still like to use lots of pics. Nice work, as always.

  3. Aww, what fun! Love all those pictures - I wish mine were little again!!! Great redo.

  4. What could have been cluttered, looks very appealing and draws your viewer in. It's always energizing to be able to recognize a roadblock and then work past it. Looking forward to seeing more as you unearth your desktop!

  5. Great Layout! How did you print your pictures? At home or did you use a service? I always wind up trying to crop pictures for this kind of layout and I wonder if there is an easier way.
    Johnna from Missouri

    1. Hi Johnna,

      I use Picasa's collage feature to put four pictures together, then print that as a 4x6 using a 1-hour service. So it only costs me 13 cents or so to get 4 photos, versus printing all 4 and trying to crop them down. I usually make and print a bunch of collages at a time so that I can combine pictures and not have any waste. As you can see, this layout has 10 horizontals and 2 verticals; when I made the collages, I put two other horizontals and two other verticals in the collages and just tucked them away for a future layout.

  6. You go girl! I am glad you are on a roll and that we get to see your layouts!

  7. Love the photos and the colour combo! :)


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