Bunny Week, Day 2: Paper Bag Bunny

Welcome to day 2 of Bunny Week! Today I'm sharing a fun and easy paper bag bunny project. Isn't it cute?

Paper Bag Bunny


  • paper bag
  • scissors
  • pink construction paper
  • glue
  • black pen
  • googly eyes
  • pink button
  • cotton ball

Begin by cutting a rectangle out of the top of the paper bag, then round off the remaining parts to make the ears, as shown in the picture.

Cut the pink construction paper to fit inside the ears. Glue these in place. Use the pen to draw a mouth and whiskers.

Glue googly eyes and a button nose in place.

Open up the bag and stand it up. The ears will be in two pieces - carefully glue these together, then glue the top opening closed. Add a cotton ball on the back. So easy and so cute!

This is one of Trevor's bunnies. He made two - one to save to enter in the fair and one to play with. My bunny is the one at the top of the post.  
I have another bunny craft to share tomorrow for Day 3 of Bunny Week!


  1. Oh boy. Such a simple but totally cute idea!! :)

  2. Cory came home from preschool today with a card for me that looks almost exactly like this! Very cute. You always have such fun ideas.


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