Bunny Week, Day 4: Perler Bead Bunny

Trevor is absolutely obsessed with Perler Beads. He constantly asks to go to various craft stores to check out their Perler supply, to see if they have a board shape or idea book or bead color he doesn't already have. He's recently gotten into making the 3-D shapes, which are totally amazing. He and a friend made an incredible pirate ship the other day, but Trevor sent it home with his friend before I could take a picture.  

For Bunny Week, Trevor found an online pattern for an adorable bunny and I decided to design my own bunny. Trevor has an idea book with blank pages in the back to design your own patterns. (He's been designing Ninjago characters, which I'll share at some point.) Here's how my pattern turned out.

Alas, we did not have light grey beads amongst our (literally) thousands of beads. So I settled for tan.  

I think he came out really cute!  

Tomorrow I'll be wrapping up Bunny Week 2013 (because I've now decided this should be an annual event) with answers to the most frequently asked questions I get about owning a house rabbit.


  1. This really turned out great. What a fun project. Love bunny week!

  2. What does he do with all of his projects? I love the tan beads. They turned into a perfect bunny.

    1. Most of his designs go into a tub, which has reached capacity and is spilling over into a drawer. He keeps some on the shallow shelves in his room (he has the same behind-the-door shelving that I have in my scraproom). He gives others away.


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