Library Roulette - Junior Edition (Part 2)

Here are the next three books in the Junior Edition of my Library Roulette project.

327: International Relations
Secret Agents: Life as a Professional Spy
by Claudia B. Manley 

The spy memoir I read as part of my original Library Roulette was one of my favorite books from the stack, so I was eager to dive into this book.  It starts with an introduction of the history of spying.  There are chapters about secret agents in pop culture, what agencies or organizations hire spies, what's expected of a spy, and what the training might be like.  It is well-written, thorough, and extremely interesting.  There are 49 pages of text.  The book is geared for age 10 and up.

Recommended: Yes, highly... and not just for kids.  Even after reading a large memoir on the same topic, I learned quite a bit from this book.

365: Penal and Related Institutions
Breakouts and Blunders
by John Townsend

This was another of the books I was very eager to read.  It did not disappoint.  The book was full of all sorts of true-crime stories, the majority of which end quite poorly for the criminal.  Chapters include "Oops!,"   "Big Mistakes," and "How to be a Prisoner," among others.  It is a quick and fun read, with lots of pictures and fun facts on every page.

Recommended:  Yes, highly.

500: Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Consider the Following
by Bill Nye

I am a HUGE fan of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  When I saw his book on the shelf amongst dozens of very interesting looking 500s, I didn't have to think twice.  This was definitely the one.  And I'm happy to report that I loved it!  It was classic Bill Nye - a great mix of information, humor, and experiments you can try yourself.  With 25+ topics and experiments, there's something for everyone.

Recommended:  Yes, very highly.    

I'll share the final books in my Library Roulette Jr. soon!


  1. Thanks for the Bill Nye book in particular. I am going to check that one out from our library when we start homeschooling next year.

  2. I love love love Bill! These all sound great!!!

  3. Ooooh...these sound good. I've always been fascinated by spies...;)

  4. They all sound like interesting books!
    Glad to hear you enjoyed every one!

  5. What a great way to mix up your reading. These are all books that would not find their way into my regular stack by my bedside but how interesting they all sound!


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