Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

We colored Easter Eggs yesterday and tried a new technique that I just had to share.  It was so fun and totally different than the usual egg dyeing!

All you need is standard egg dye, a small stamp, Staz-On ink, and a small paintbrush.  We used a flower image to stamp on the egg.  Stamping a curved surface was pretty challenging. We found that rolling the stamp across the egg gave the best image.  

The stamped eggs were far from perfect, but that was totally ok. 
Then all we did was dip the paintbrush in the dyes and paint in the flower petals.

We had eggs sitting in the some of the dyes while we did our hand-painting.

Trevor was very proud of his finished egg.

Here's a closer look.

Here are the hand-painted eggs with some of the eggs that were dyed with more traditional methods.  We also used masking techniques on some of our eggs, like the green with orange stars on the right.

Trouble watched the whole process with great interest.  He stood on the egg cartons while I added vinegar to the cups.

After thoroughly sniffing everything and even licking the tablespoon that I'd used to measure the vinegar, Trouble retreated under a chair to watch.

Hi Trouble!

These pictures of Trouble give me the perfect opportunity to announce that tomorrow will be the start of Bunny Week here at my blog.  It'll be all things Bunny, all week long - crafts, activities and more!


  1. How fun are those eggs?!?!?! I loveeeeeeeeee how you stamped them!!! Fabulous!!

  2. Looking forward to bunny week! This is spring break at my center, so I'll be borrowing craft ideas to keep the 4-10 year olds entertained.

  3. Oh my goodness, Cindy! "Trouble" is absolutely adorable! And so perfect that he took part in this post, too! thank you for sharing this technique with us! We have been wanting to try something new this year, and will give this a try! I have off work on Friday, and we are going to do our decorating then. Thanks again, and Happy Easter!!!!!

  4. Awwww....these are soooooo sweet! :)

  5. SOOOOOO cute!!! That is a great idea for the stamped/painted eggs, they came out super cute!


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