Best Pet Ever

Growing up, we had a lot of pets. Dogs, cats, turtles, mice, hamsters, fish, a parakeet, snakes, newts... not all at once, of course, but there were always at least a few different species of animals in our home. There was something to love about each species, whether it was their intelligence, friendliness, loyalty, curiosity, ingenuity, cleanliness, ease of care, beauty, or something else.

I've mentioned many times that as soon as he could talk, Trevor started asking for a pet rabbit. A rabbit? I knew next to nothing about rabbits. I really had no idea what to expect when I started my research, other than that rabbits are cute.

When we adopted Trouble, I had no idea how incredibly smart and loving rabbits are. I didn't know that they are so clean or so clever. I didn't expect rabbits to be as playful or friendly as Trouble is. And yet, as I meet more rabbits and rabbit owners, I'm learning that Trouble is not the exception. Rabbits are smart and loving and clean and playful and friendly. Sadly, many rabbits spend their lives in cages where their owners never get to see these characteristics. It's heartbreaking. 

After having lived with so many different animals over the years, I can honestly say Trouble is the best pet ever.

Best Pet Ever (affiliate link)

Here is a post I did all about owning a house rabbit, including Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


  1. I loveeeeeeeee that page!! Great photo of Trouble and loving the colors!!!!

  2. Super cute! I've learned so much about rabbits from you! :)

  3. Excellent picture! Love the simple layout!

  4. Trouble is adorable! I had a rabbit when I was a little girl and he was a destructive little thing! I loved him dearly though! But my mom got rid of him because of all the destruction! I understand now why she did it but as a little girl my heart was broken.
    Love your layout! The ripped photo mat and the double layers look great and I love that photo of Trouble!

  5. Wow, you kept quite a variety of pets! I must say that I really want a pet rabbit now.

  6. Trouble!!! He's so cute. Great layout and I love hearing about your adventures of owning a rabbit. It's one furry creature I haven't ever had in my house!


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