Trevor at 7

Here's my annual layout with Trevor's birthday portraits.  I described Trevor as smart, kind, talented, mature, happy, creative, honest, curious, trustworthy, clever, calm, and responsible.

I make a point not to look at the previous years' layouts when I come up with my list of adjectives, which makes it really fun to compare from year to year.  Last year at 6, I described him as smart, responsible, honest, creative, funny, trustworthy, careful, curious, helpful, and adorable. (You can see that layout here.)  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I hadn't thought to add 'careful' to this year's list.  Trevor has always been extremely cautious, often to a fault, and it is wonderful to see him starting to outgrow that and beginning to take tiny risks here and there.

Despite that little change, Trevor's personality has basically been consistent his entire life. 

At 20 months, I described him as intelligent, happy, trustworthy, funny, cooperative, organized, helpful, careful, athletic, curious and affectionate... fairly similar to this year's list.  

I'm a very lucky mommy.


  1. he is getting so BIG!! I loveeeeeeeeeee your 7 lo!!!!!

  2. Awwwww.... Trevor is so cute!! Love these layouts!!! Another great one this year :)

  3. Love this yearly tradition...great page!

  4. Love these layouts. He still looks the same too, just older! :)


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