Cork Mouse

I've had this little cork mouse sitting on my desk for years... decades, probably.  I think I made him when I was about 10.  His whiskers are a little bent and his tail is a bit ratty, but he's held up well considering his age.  He was made with leftovers from a leathercraft project, but you could make it with other materials you have on hand.

Materials: a tapered cork, black seed beads (2 tiny for eyes, 1 small for nose), stiff fabric for ears, lacing for tail, fine gauge wire for whiskers, scissors, awl/piercing tool, and glue.  

Begin by using scissors to cut round mouse ears from the fabric.  Leave a small flap of fabric at the bottom of each ear, which will be poked into the cork to hold it in place.  Trim the wire into 2 or 3 short pieces to make whiskers.  Cut the tail to the desired length.

Use the awl to poke a hole in the center of the wide end of the tapered cork.  This is where the tail will go.  Use the awl to poke five holes for the face.  The ears should have deep holes and the eyes and nose should have shallow holes. 

Put a drop of glue into the large bead and insert whiskers.  Set aside.  Put glue into ear and tail holes.  Use the awl to push the appropriate pieces firmly into place.  Put a drop of glue where the eyes and nose will go, then carefully put each in place.  Let dry completely.


  1. He is a cutie; I think the ratty tale gives him character! And wow, I can't believe you've had him for so long!

  2. Such an adorable project! I love his little whiskers.


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