Fun Family Crafts

In December 2012, I started a job as the Editorial Assistant at Fun Family Crafts.

I mentioned it briefly in a post on New Year's Day, yet somehow in the 9 months since, I haven't actually blogged about what it is that I do.  Time to change that.

First, a word about what Fun Family Crafts is.  It is a website that houses a huge collection of tutorials for kid-friendly crafts.  Simply enter a search term and chances are that dozens of projects will pop up related to your desired topic.  Each has a link to a tutorial that includes a materials list and easy-to-follow steps.  It is a wonderful resource for anyone who is looking for a project suitable for kids (toddler through teenager).  

My job is to publish twenty tutorials each week.  Those 20 are a combination of ones I write myself and ones that I find on other people's blogs or sites.  I tend to work a month or two ahead of major holidays, seasons, and occasions so that the tutorials are there for people to search. Which meant that in August, I was searching through countless blogs for the best Halloween-themed tutorials I could find.  When I find something great, I immediately submit it.  My boss, the awesome Amanda Formaro, schedules it.  When the post goes live, I return to the blog to share the good news to the author that (s)he has been featured.  
Sometimes, a project looks so fun that I bookmark it so that Trevor and I can try it out.  Here's one example.

I found a tutorial for Candy Corn Coolers back in August and immediately submitted it.  Now two months later, Trevor and I made our own to try.  Verdict?  Delicious!

If you've never been to Fun Family Crafts, I'd encourage you to check it out.  It's an amazing resource with thousands and thousands of tutorials.  As you look around, you might find a project or two you recognize from my blog.  I just counted... there are 86 of my projects there.  :)  Let me know what you think!  And if you have a tutorial for a kid-friendly craft, please submit it or send it my way so that I can submit it.  I'm always on the lookout for awesome stuff.


  1. I need to check that site out ... last year we made those owls I found on your blog for Brookie's birthday party ... well here it is again one year later and I still had paper bags left over ... so it took me awhile to find another kids crafts involving bags for this years party ... finally found one (more difficult than I thought! LOL!!) ... and now I am off to bookmark this site so it will be easier from now on!! :)

  2. How awesome!!! You always have the neatest projects and so glad you share yours, as well as others, with the world!!! :)

  3. So awesome!! I'm glad you finally blogged about this!! :)

  4. That looks yummy! Trevor always looks so happy with his awesome projects.

  5. That is one fun job...getting paid to surf the web for awesome tutorials!

  6. That does look like a fun project! I used to do all kinds of homeschool preschool posts over at 3 Boys and Dog. You could browse over there for some new ideas!



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