You're In the Doghouse Now!

Time for another skip down Memory Lane!  This time, I'm sharing a book I wrote for an elementary school assignment.  Unfortunately, there is no date on it.  But I'm pretty sure it was 4th grade, making me 9 or 10 years old.  My mom kept it all those years, which is awesome.

Our class had been studying idioms.  The assignment was to illustrate some of the many idioms we'd discussed.  Here's the cover of my book, still in remarkably good shape some 31+ years later:

He's on top of the world.

Would you lend me a hand?

The cowboy bit the dust.

Has the cat got your tongue?  (or, as it wrote then, tounge...)

Every night I hit the hay.

I'm in a pretty pickle.

The whole thing cracks me up.  I love looking back on my early artwork.  The short arms, the awkward stances, and the writing guidelines I drew and didn't erase make me both cringe and laugh at the same time.  I'm looking forward to pulling Trevor's artwork out in 3 decades and smiling about it with him.


  1. This is great! My mom gave me several construction paper cards that I made in school for Mother's / Father's Day. They're hysterical.

  2. This is so cute Cindy!! I have a few of my old school projects and it makes me think of sharing them -- what a great idea!! :) I'm sure Trevor will enjoy going back someday to look at his projects and to read your blog!! :)

  3. OMG this is so cute and funny! My faves are the "cat has your tongue" and the "pretty pickle"...that is a giant cat and one very pretty pickle!
    Awesome that you still have this!


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