A Scrabble Merry Christmas Craft

Any Scrabble fans on your gift list?

I spend a lot of time searching Google Images hoping to find awesome craft tutorials to feature on Fun Family Crafts. Recently, I was searching for religious Christmas crafts and came across an image of a beautiful unfinished laser-cut cross. I knew right away that it wasn't a tutorial, but I followed the link anyway.  

I was thinking about how I would paint or decorate it, when I was struck with an idea. As you know, I am obsessed with Scrabble. I could use Scrabble tiles to make a cross like this!


Scrabble Merry Christmas Ornament


  • Scrabble tiles (MERRY CHRISTMAS minus one R)
  • sturdy chipboard
  • strong double-sided tape
  • ribbon or cording


The first thing I did was to line up the word CHRISTMAS and cut a strip of chipboard just a hair shorter and narrower than the word.

I did the same for MERRY, borrowing the shared R from CHRISTMAS.

I covered the two pieces of cardstock with double-sided tape.

I peeled back the liner and started applying the letters.  It bothered me a bit that the M was printed so far to the left.  I checked through all my M's and they're all like that.  Interesting!

Next, I peeled off the liner on the MERRY strip of cardstock, applied the M and E, then stuck it to the CHRISTMAS piece.

I attached the final two letters, then added gold cording on the back.  Here's my completed cross:

I love how it turned out! I'm going to be bummed when it's time to take it down after Christmas.


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