Crayon Melt Christmas Tree

You all know by now how much I love using the warming tray for crafts.  Before I put it away after making the Coat of Many Colors card, I covered a sheet of white cardstock with a large section of various shades of green, a small area of solid yellow, and a chunk of multiple colors.  

I set the paper aside for a few weeks.  When I came back to it, I used the trimmer to cut the green section into seven strips, each an inch wide.  I left one the full length and cut the rest progressively shorter, saving the scraps to make very short strips.  Then I used a hole punch to create colorful dots.  I glued these randomly onto the green strips. 

Next, I used a star punch to make a yellow star.  Then I cut a rectangle from an orangish section of melted crayon.  I set all the pieces aside.  

The next step was stamping white snowflakes all over a sheet of  blue cardstock.  I tore a strip of white cardstock and glued it to the bottom of the paper.  I glued the brown rectangle down next, then layered the green strips in place, starting with the longest and working my way up. Finally, I glued the star at the top.  Here's the finished artwork:

I love how it turned out.  Trevor hadn't wanted to make one... until he saw mine.  We've got a bunch of other projects scheduled (including a lot of handmade gifts), so I don't know if he'll end up making one or not.  If not, there's always next year.  

By the way, if you don't own a warming tray (not exactly a standard crafting item), this project would work just as well using paint on white paper.  Of course, you could also simply use colored construction paper, though I think part of the beauty of this project is the variegated color.


  1. Wow!!! This turned out awesome!! I loveeeeeeeeee it!!!!

  2. Cute! :) You are always so clever with all your crafts!

  3. That is so cool! As I read each step I couldn't grasp how it would become the final project... but it turned out to be a so pretty!


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