Cork Snowmen

Here's the last of our cork projects... cork snowmen!  

Materials: cork, white paint, black Glossy Accents (or black paint or a black pen), orange pipe cleaner, black felt, screw eye, clear filament, and ribbon.

I took a bunch of pictures of all the steps to make these snowmen, but I have no idea where the pictures went.  Frustrating.  Fortunately, they're not too difficult to make.  First, paint the cork white and let dry.  I used dots of Glossy Accents for eyes and mouth.  Trevor wasn't able to control the Glossy Accents to his satisfaction, so he used the back of two different sized paintbrushes dipped in black paint to make his eyes and mouth.  Sharpie would work too, with the benefit of no drying time required.     

Next, cut a small piece of orange pipe cleaner and bend to form a carrot shape.  Poke a hole in the cork, add glue, and insert the pipe cleaner.  Cut a circle of black felt to make the hat.  Poke a screw eye through the center of the felt and into the top of the cork.  Insert a piece of filament through the screw eye, then wrap a small rectangle of felt around it to form the hat. Glue a small circle of felt to the top to cover the screw eye and close the hat.  Finally, tie a piece of ribbon around the snowman's neck to make a scarf.  We used wired ribbon, but any ribbon will do.   


Trevor and I had a lot of fun crafting with corks.  Each of our projects was a collaboration, with one of us suggestion or trying something and the other springboarding off that idea.  I love when that happens.  I hope you're inspired to do some trash-to-treasure crafting of your own this winter!


  1. Boy first no photos posting to Facebook, now your computer and/or camera lost pictures?! That stinks!! These are so cute -- what a fun bunch of ornaments you made for your tree!! :)

  2. OMYGOSH!!! Sooooooooooo cute!! Another PINNING!!!!! :)

  3. Darling! I love all your cork critters!

  4. Awwww....so cute! Really enjoyed all the festive cork projects!


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