Handprint Reindeer Cards

For the last several years, Trevor and I have spent December 26th making thank-you cards for him to send to friends and family.  (Here's last year's card.)  As much as I love making cards and crafting with Trevor, it is hard to push aside everything else on the day after Christmas to not only write thank-you notes but to make the cards first.  Which is why this year, we made his thank-you cards well in advance.    

We began by gathering our materials: white cardstock, white card blanks, brown paint, googly eyes, red sequins, and green washi tape.  I helped him cut the white cardstock into rectangles that were slightly smaller than the card blanks.  Then we used a foam brush to paint Trevor's palm and his index and ring finger brown.  He stamped it on a piece of cardstock and repeated the process until there were enough. 

He washed and dried his hands, then we painted part of the side of each pinkie (see picture below) to add antlers to the reindeer.  We added more paint to his finger each time he stamped. Trevor finished stamping and ran to wash his hands before I could get a picture of his painted fingers. He absolutely hates being messy and can't stand paint on his skin.  I painted one of my own pinkies for the sake of the tutorial.   

Once the paint was dry, Trevor used Christmas washi tape to wrap the edges of the card fronts.  

Next, he added googly eyes and a red sequin nose to each reindeer.  

They turned out so well and each was slightly different.  This was his favorite.  He attached it to a card base and then set it aside to save and enter in the fair next summer.

On December 26, Trevor will write his thank-you notes and then attach these card fronts to the note cards.  I have a feeling that everyone will love them.


  1. oh my gosh...how cute...love the pics of him doing it.. so fun. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  2. This couldn't be cuter! These will be such a hit. Love the red sequin nose. A great way to help keep the card flat and light. It's so nice that you encourage this thank you note habit with your son.

    Thanks to for featuring my reminder ornaments on Family fun. :).

  3. Another great kid art project -- these are too cute!! :)


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