Cork Christmas Tree

When Trevor was three, he made this Christmas tree at preschool.

It's so simple - just 8 corks hot glued together.  Obviously, the teachers used the glue gun, not the children.  The kids painted their trees and sprinkled on glitter.  Trevor, ever conservative, used about 10 times less glitter than anyone else.  Plenty of kids had so much glitter you couldn't tell the tree was actually green underneath. 

Now that Trevor is able to use the glue gun independently (with me nearby, of course), I thought it would be fun to make another version of this project.  We began by adding a coat of gesso to a bunch of corks.  He'd only be using 8, but we prepped corks for other projects.  (I'll share those throughout the week.)  

When the gesso was dry, Trevor painted six corks green and two corks brown.  He glued them together to form the tree.

He didn't want to use glitter like the preschoolers did.  Instead, he chose to add colorful sequins to his tree.

Truly a trash-to-treasure project!


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