Grinch Art

As Editorial Assistant at Fun Family Crafts, I spend time every day searching through blogs to find cool kids' crafts and project tutorials to feature. Art teachers' blogs are one of the best sources. Amongst the many that I follow, one of my all-time favorites is Kathy Barbro's Art Projects for Kids. I've featured dozens of her projects at Fun Family Crafts. She is an amazing artist who writes clear and succinct tutorials that are perfect for children.

When Kathy posted "How to Draw the Grinch," not only did I want to feature it, but I wanted to make my own! And so did Trevor. I printed out her pdf and used it to lead Trevor in a draw-along. He loves doing draw-alongs. We sketched in pencil, then traced over the lines we wanted to keep with Sharpie. Both of our drawings turned out really well and very similar to each other, having both followed Kathy's simple instructions.

But that's where the similarities ended. We each finished our Grinches in totally different ways. Trevor was inspired by the illustrations in Dr. Seuss' book. The drawings in it are entirely black, white and red.

Trevor used soft pastel to add color to just the eyes and Santa suit. He left everything else uncolored.

I was inspired by the 1966 animated show, which features a lime green grinch with yellow eyes.


I fussy-cut my Grinch out, colored the green skin and yellow eyes with Prismacolor markers, used oil pastel for the Santa suit, and added cotton balls as trim. I mounted the whole thing on blue cardstock.


This was such a fun project! Thanks to Kathy for this idea and all the other wonderful tutorials and project ideas she shares.


  1. So fun!! I loveeeeee both your takes on the Mean One!! :) Brookie and I just watched the Jim Carey version the other night! :)

  2. Very cool! I love the Grinch! I remember him the best as your version!

  3. How fun!!! I haven't seen this one yet this season.... gonna have to find it and watch it!! :)


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