Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cork Penguins

Remember the extra corks from yesterday's Cork Christmas Trees?  We used them to make three different ornaments.  First, a penguin.  Isn't he cute?


Materials: corks, black and white acrylic paint, screw eyes, black enamel paint, googly eyes, felt, and glue.

We started by painting the corks with a coat of white paint.  When they were dry, we added the black. 

They looked like this:

We weren't able to find black screw eyes, so we used enamel paint to make them black.  A broken cork held them securely in place so that we could paint both sides.

When the paint was dry, we screwed in the screw eye, glued googly eyes in place, and added felt beaks and wings.  

 Add a simple black ribbon or cord to hang the penguin on the tree.  Inexpensive, easy, and totally adorable!  Tomorrow I'll share another of the cork ornaments we made.