Trendwatching, 2014

In the history of Ever, no one has made a project more trendy than this one that I made in 2012. 

Twenty trends packed into one awesome project!  Fabulous, right?  (Nodding enthusiastically.) So now that we've established that I'm an authority on trendiness, it's time for me to predict the Top Scrapbook Trends of 2014, based on all the sneak peeks that have been coming out in anticipation of the Craft & Hobby Association trade show that opens Saturday. I present to you my predictions for... (drumroll....)... the Trends of 2014!

Color Trends
  • very soft pastels, especially yellow and pink
  • neon
  • teals paired with pink, yellow and kraft 
  • Radiant Orchid
  • gold, especially with pale pink
  • ombre 
  • chalkboard 

Pattern / Image Trends
  • cameras of all shapes and styles, including Polaroids
  • corded telephones
  • arrows
  • Viewmasters
  • anchors
  • hashtags
  • really tiny hearts
  • chevrons
  • foxes
  • speech bubbles
  • handwritten / cursive fonts and images
  • ampersands

Textile Trends
  • burlap
  • bare wood
  • foil
  • vellum
  • sequins

I should point out that some of these have been going strong for awhile (like ombre, chalkboard, chevron, etc). I think they'll continue to dominate in 2014.

So what do you think? Am I right on or totally off? Anything that I should add to my list (or remove from it)? If these are indeed the trends of 2014, are you excited about any of them? Anyone want me to redo my jewelry frame to reflect the latest and greatest?  ;)


  1. I agree with Julie... you are spot on with this list! I don't think you've missed anything really.... I'm also seeing a trend towards using fonts that look more messy and have the open spaces (like in the letter "o" for example) filled in solid.

    1. I agree about the messy fonts. I haven't noticed more open spaces being filled in than in past years - that seems more to me like a stylistic choice that certain manufacturers have been doing for awhile.

    2. I just keep seeing it... and it's not my favorite thing so maybe it captured my attention ;) LOL

  2. I don't know if you're right or wrong, but I like just about everything on your list... so here's hoping you're right!

    1. I hope I'm wrong, actually, especially about the colors!

  3. If your color trends are correct, then I will be quite unexcited about the new lineup of products! I have seen a lot of what you predict though. I would just add that navy looks to remain a strong color; watercolors are still hanging around and metallics are certainly emerging, esp gold. Chalkboard is also super hot (and over-saturated).

    You are spot on for textiles. I would just add cork to the list. Also, vellum and transparencies are making a comeback.

    For patterns and images, I have been noticing a lot of arrows (still), chevrons of course, and nautical images (maybe due to summer collections).

    The embellie of 2014? Enamel dots looks to win this.

    1. You're definitely right about navy, watercolors and cork. And enamel dots for sure.

  4. I hope you're wrong about the colors too. The only color that I've liked in lines lately has been the navy that Izzy mentioned. I also agree about the enamel dots! Everything is spot on.

  5. Well, these sound like fun trends.
    I'm not that into "trends" though...I just make stuff I like...lol

  6. Hi Cindy! First of all, I love your blog header! Secondly, your trend predictions seem right on to me. I am like Yvonne, but do tend to lead towards trends because that is what I find to purchase more often. My fav trend is using tiny hearts! Just love them!!!!

  7. I think you are spot on. But I'm adding my name to the list that hopes the colors are wrong. However, from all the sneak peeks I've seen, they are trending as you listed. Which is disappointing. Looks like we are headed back to the days of colors that work better for more feminine pages/projects and not so well for masculine projects. I'd like to see some companies go with bolder, stronger colors.

  8. I think your predictions are pretty accurate from what I've seen sneak peeked so far!

  9. Great post! I think you've done a great job predicting the trends... any stock market tips? :) Some of the trends I like (gold, mixing fonts) and some I'm not a fan of (neon and the overuse of arrows). But they all keep this hobby interesting and make it more fun. I'm glad that vellum is coming back because I still have a pretty good sized stash.


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