Draw Along with Trevor

The other day, Trevor came home from school all excited to teach me a drawing project he learned. He did such a good job teaching me that I asked him to do it again for the camera.  

Grab a black pen and a sheet of white paper and draw along with Trevor!

Pretty neat, huh? I've seen a number of this style of draw along, but I don't think I'd seen that actual one before. Trevor thinks it's the best thing ever. I tried to convince him that Fred and Bob should be touching the forest path so that they're not just hanging in mid-air afterward and instead look like teeth, but that's not the way the teacher showed him. In Trevor's mind, the teacher is ALWAYS right. There are pros and cons to that.

Here is one that Trevor drew and colored in. It's hanging on our art wall.

I should encourage Trevor to make up a rabbit draw along ... we're already starting to brainstorm projects for this year's Bunny Week and that would be a fun addition.


  1. That is just AWESOME!! What a GREAT job he did!! And I hear you on the teacher is always right thing ... Brookie's teacher is from Canada ... and one of their spelling words in the beginning of the school year was "BEEN" .,.. she taught them it was "BEAN" ... and I kept telling Brookie that here in the US, we say "BEN" .... ugh .. that was a battle ...and it was just ONE WORD!! LOL!!!!!

  2. That's pretty cool! He's good at the video thing and remembering all those steps!
    The teacher is always right for my Nolan. He repeats everything she says. It's been hot here and he came out saying, "I need some cool fluids." I found it very funny!

  3. I didn't see the video but I love the drawing and how excited he was to teach you something!

  4. Very cute idea. Looks like Trevor may have his own artsy blog someday. :D

  5. I haven't watched the video yet, but how stinkin' cute!!! And yes, definitely need to add a drawing tutorial for Bunny Week! :)

  6. Super fun. I used to think my teachers were right too...but soon outgrew that..lol

  7. This is so fun!!! Trevor did such a great job on his drawing and his video :)


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