Tutti Frutti

Trevor and I are obsessed with Tutti Frutti, a self-serve frozen yogurt chain.  Their yogurts are absolutely delicious.  Their topping selection is not as good as some other frozen yogurt stores in town, which is actually a good thing - instead of loading candy bar pieces, sugary cereals, cookies and other (admittedly delicious) junk on our yogurt like we (happily) do at other places, when we go to Tutti Frutti, we pretty much stick with nuts and fresh fruit toppings.  Those, of course, are also delicious.

In my mind, yogurt + fruit + nuts is a balanced meal and totally appropriate to take the place of lunch or dinner.  Steve prefers a 'proper' lunch or dinner, so whenever Steve goes out of town on business, Trevor and I have Tutti Frutti as one of our meals.  Delicious!  

Here's the layout I made about one of our Tutti Frutti dinners.

Most of the items on the layout are from Doodlebug, including the blue striped background paper with a 2002 copyright date on it.  Which means not only have I been holding on to this paper for 12 years, but I actually moved it to this house with me.  I'm glad it's found a place on this layout.

I should also mention the alphabet stickers.  My title has five T's, but with a son named Trevor, I don't often have extra T's lying around.  In fact, I had exactly zero T's on this particular sticker sheet.  Fortunately, it's really easy to substitute other letters for the missing ones.  T's in particular are really easy to make.  I cut apart two X's, two Z's, and an exclamation point to make the five T's.  After inking all the letters (they started out white) and adding Stickles, the T's blended right in seamlessly.


  1. Sooooooooooo fun! LOVING the colors and love love love the banners!!!!!!

  2. Sounds good to me!
    I also like cereal for dinner! :0)
    Love all the splashes of color on this!

  3. Wow. You've been scrapbooking for a long time! The colours are timeless though. Perfect for this layout. :)

    P/s: I'm not good with self-serving yogurt...it never looks appetizing to me. But I love fruit and nut toppings!

  4. Your layout is SUPER cute. One of my favorites of yours. ;) Love how you Frankenstein-ed and inked the letters. I couldn't tell at all!

  5. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I knew from the preview there would be Doodlebug deliciousness today!! :D

    We were obsessed a while back with a place called Orange Leaf. We'd get all different yogurt flavors, just a bit of this and that (which would end up all jumbled by the end) but we LOVED the toppings best. They always had really fresh fruit that was so tasty, and then I'd add sprinkle of Butterfinger, a few sliced almonds and always a spoonful of Cap'n Crunch, LOL! :) I had to had the Cap'n Crunch! So goofy because I hadn't had it since I was little.

    LOVE this layout!! And I agree with Izzy, one of my favorites! :)

  6. Completely acceptable ;) LOVE the layout!!!


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