Don't Con"template" Too Long

Today I'm sharing another layout from the Scrapbook.com National Scrapbook Day event.  This challenge was called Don't Con"template" Too Long and required us to use a stencil/template and mist (or another media).  I don't do a lot of things with mists because of the long drying time, but I do love the look they can give.

I decided to use my misted background to scrap a layout about me.  For the past few years, we've played a game during our annual MOMS Club banquet where each person drops printed adjectives into the dish of the MOM who each word best represents.  It's really fun to see what adjectives come up again and again.  As you might expect, year after year, my dish is full of the words creative, artistic, responsible and organized.  Here's how the layout from the 2013 banquet turned out:

Following the 2012 banquet, I made a Wordle instead of gluing each individual word.  

I'm not sure what happened to 2011.  I thought we played this game then, but perhaps we didn't. I'll have to dig around and look.

Here's the 2010 layout.  I should rescan it.  You can tell I scanned it with my old, vastly inferior scanner.  Oh well!

Did you notice that I used the same colors each year?  I hadn't noticed until just now, but I'm not surprised as it's one of my favorite color combinations (obviously)!  Does anyone else tend to use the same colors when scrapping about yourself?


  1. I loveeeeeeeee the latest one! LOVING that misted background!!!!

  2. I didn't notice the color combo at first, but yes, I see it now! I love that you used the same colors but scrapped them in such different ways that it wasn't obvious...great way to change it up even when using the same! Awesome idea for a "Me" layout as well!

  3. I think this is great! They're the same, but so different. The photos are very similar, the page styles are very similar (like you used a sketch). It's like a recurring theme ... you could even put them all together in an album if you ever wanted something all about you. I noticed that you have a similar top on each photo ... and you don't age!! You look just as young now as you did several years ago! :) I really need to get on the Rhubarb Diet! STAT!! :D

    By the way, I have a humongous box in my car trunk for you. I'm pretty sure it's about 30lbs. :) That's just a guess, but I bet that's guessing light, LOL! I'll let you know after I take it to the post office on my way home this afternoon! :)

  4. Hey, that misted background looks REALLY familiar!!! Glad to see you finally used it!! ;) Great layout and love the comparison -- guess those are your favorite colors?! ;)

  5. Nice to see a misted background! :)

  6. Hi Cindy! I love how you made these layouts each year! Thanks for sharing them with us! And your latest page is so fabulous. I love, LOVE that misted background!!!!!


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