Rhubarb x 4

I am so happy with my freezer full of rhubarb! We've been enjoying rhubarb a bunch of different ways. Rhubarb Sauce is amazing, and incredibly fast and easy to make. Rhubarb Bread Pudding is fantastic, one I'll be coming back to again and again. Rhubarb Crisp is delicious and also very easy. Rhubarb Slush Punch is really time-consuming, but it's so good that it's totally worth it.

Here are four new ways we've tried rhubarb. Three are drinks and one is a cake. First up, Rhubarb Milkshake. I used my standard 'recipe' of approximately equal parts vanilla ice cream and fruit (in this case, rhubarb I cooked in a tiny bit of water and then cooled), plus a few tablespoons of milk to get the perfect consistency. It was tasty, but not amazing. I'd definitely have it again, but I'd increase the amount of rhubarb.   

Next was a Rhubarb Vodka Cocktail. It wasn't good. We ended up adding a ton of rhubarb juice to improve the taste. There are a lot of recipes for rhubarb cocktails out there, so I might try again with a different recipe. Or not.

This Fizzy Rhubarb Lemonade was delicious! I made a standard lemonade base but used sparkling water instead of regular water, then drizzled in sweetened rhubarb juice (made by straining rhubarb sauce). Yum!!

I served Rosy Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake when my friends came over for Mystery Crafting. I omitted the lemon extract since I didn't have any on hand. The cake was good and I'd serve it again. None of my friends who tried it had had rhubarb before. I'm happy to say they liked it a lot!  

I've done a scrapbook layout called "Geocaching Evangelists"... maybe I should make one with the title of "Rhubarb Evangelist!" Have I managed to convince any of you to try it yet?


  1. I've never had it before either, but you definitely make me want to try.

  2. Well, I've been enjoying your experiments...and living vicariously through them since I can't get it here!

  3. No need to convince me.... I LOVE rhubarb and can never get enough. Especially because the only jam I eat in my house is Rhubarb Raspberry Jam that I make. It is so easy to make and not even Smuckers Raspberry Jam is better (up until 3 yrs. ago it was the only jam I ate) I might have to try your Rhubarb Bread Pudding. I love a good Bread Pudding and never thought about there being a Rhubarb one!

  4. It was awesome to try it for the first time at your house. It was so good!

  5. I love rhubarb, too! My mom always used it in her baking when we were young kids, and my mother-in-law and her family use it all the time! I loved reading about how you used it here. I love the upside down cake idea!

  6. I have only had Rhubarb in my Aunt's Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie! It is delicious and one of my Husband's favorites. After, seeing what you have made it definitely makes me want to be one of your taste-testers! I will have to see if I can hunt some down way up here in the most North-Easterly Point of North America!

    1. Since it grows in cold climates, you might have decent luck finding it. My mom is attempting to grow it here in California. She waters it each day with ice cubes and so far it's doing ok. Of course, it's only May and the triple digits haven't come yet.

  7. Seriously... stop it. You're making me want to try rhubarb for the first time!! LOL It sounds delicious!!


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