First Time on Ice Skates

Another National Scrapbook Day layout!  In past years, I've set a goal to complete every challenge at Scrapbook.com, but this year I decided only to do the layout challenges.  Then it turned out that one of the layout challenges was using pocket pages, which I don't do, so I skipped that too.  I did complete all 7 of the standard layout challenges, so mission accomplished.  

Here's the first of two layouts I made on NSD that weren't for a challenge:

I LOVE how this turned out.  I think it might be one of my all-time favorite layouts.  I made this immediately after the Title It challenge, which definitely influenced how I put together the title.  I've never done a white/grey/yellow layout before.  I can thank the ice rink for that fun combination, since those were the colors of our rental skates.

One more NSD layout to share!


  1. I'm partial to this color combo, and I love this layout! :) LOVE the title work, and Trevor looks THRILLED! :) Great job! :)

  2. Love that part of the title is on a banner and love Trevor's expression!

  3. Loveeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the photos and that title work!!!!

  4. Looks good! I love this colour combo!

  5. This is adorable! I love the photos so much. I really like how you included the photo of the skates here. Your colors and design look fabulous, Cindy. Another fun memory!!!!

  6. SO CUTE!!! Love the paper -- it almost looks like the surface of the ice rink!! Great job on the title too :)

    1. So glad someone noticed that! It's exactly why I chose it!


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