Sketch Challenge

I really like sketch challenges, so I was looking forward to working on Scrapbook.com's National Scrapbook Day Sketch challenge.  Here's the sketch we had to use:

I searched through my printed photos for anything that might be appropriate as a circle and came up short.  New game plan - I'd use a rectangular photo instead.  I toyed with rotating and flipping the sketch so that the 'heavy' photo would be in the bottom left, but in the end decided to leave the sketch as is.

Here's my layout:

The hardest part of this layout was choosing what patterned papers to use.  This photo was taken back in January when we hadn't had precipitation for months and the turf of the soccer field was a sickly color.  Most of the greens I put on the page looked just terrible next to it.  When I switched to more yellowy greens, the contrast wasn't so glaring.  I experimented with putting more embellishments on the page to more closely match the sketch, but ended up taking them off.  I like the simplicity.


  1. Loveeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and the circles!!!

  2. I really like what you came up with! I can see what you mean about the greens/yellows and the field color - I never would've thought about it since you seemed to have found that perfect combination here! LOVE the title!!

  3. I know what you mean about the grass! I have such a hard time scrapping outdoor photos that I take in Winter because the grass looks awful. I think you rocked it though. This layout is great!

  4. I think you did such a great job with the colors that I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out!! :) Love it!!

  5. Love the colours here. And how you've simplified the sketch to fit your style.


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