Watercolor Challenge

Back to sharing National Scrapbook Day layouts!  The sixth challenge I did was the Watercolor Challenge at Scrapbook.com.  This was an unannounced bonus challenge that asked us to use a watercolored title word (or any other watercolor technique) on a page.  I thought this would be easy for me, so I saved it for later in the day.  It ended up being one of the hardest!  I chose some photos and tried to make a watercolor brush title.  I hated it.  I tried again.  Ugh.  I used stencils to trace a title, then watercolored in the letters.  Yuck.  After an hour of failed attempts, I changed out my photos and went a totally different direction.

Here's my finished layout.  I used watercolors in two different places - do you see them?

The letters started as bare chipboard.  I painted them with blue watercolor.  I used the same shade on plain cardstock, let that dry, then cut it to make journaling strips.  I really like how this turned out.  I just wish I hadn't wasted so much time to get there!


  1. Well the end result is all that matters :) I loveeeeeeeee this!! LOVING the colors and the photos!!!

  2. The end product came out VERY nice!! I really like this one!! :)

  3. It was worth it in the end -- this is beautiful!! Love the colors!! :)

  4. This came out so cute!! I am addicted to watercolors right now. However, not on my layouts. If I mess up a card, it is no big deal. If I mess up a layout, I cry!!

    1. I totally agree! Which is why all of my watercoloring was on things that I added to the layout (letters, journaling strips) instead of directly on it!

  5. Well, it turned out great! I'm not a neat crafter like you so I actually like the "messy" look of watercolour.


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