Rhubarb Slush Punch

I'm happy to report that when I returned to the grocery store for my next visit after the previous rhubarb purchase, not only had they restocked the rhubarb, but they'd tripled the space dedicated to it!  I was giddy.  I was loading the rhubarb into my cart by the handfuls when Trevor said, "That's a lot of rhubarb.  It's going to take you until next week to chop it all up."  I looked at my huge stash, thought about it, and decided that it was well worth it to spend the next week prepping rhubarb if it meant having an adequate stash in my freezer.  I'm happy to report that: a) Trevor was wrong; it only took me about 2 hours to wash, chop and measure out 14 lbs. of rhubarb; and b) I now have a huge rhubarb stash!

Our next recipe was Rhubarb Slush Punch.  We used this recipe and followed the directions exactly, up until the point where it said to reserve the juice and discard the pulp.  Discard perfectly good rhubarb pulp?  No way!  We added a bit of brown sugar and ate it warm.  It wasn't as good as regular rhubarb sauce, but there's no way it should be thrown out.  Besides recommending you throw out perfectly good rhubarb pulp, the only bad thing about this recipe was having to wait for the rhubarb mixture to freeze overnight.  Trevor was so excited when it was finally time to scrape the frozen mixture and make our slushes.

We took our drinks outside to enjoy on a beautiful spring afternoon.

It was so good!  Really refreshing and delicious, with a wonderful rhubarb taste.  This recipe is definitely a keeper.  

One funny thing to note: when Trevor was originally reading the recipe, he was confused by what juice concentrate is.  It's not something I purchase and he apparently had never heard of it. He was baffled when I took him to the frozen food section, and even more confused to learn that we'd be buying frozen cylinders of juice with the water taken out.  When we made the recipe, he was very surprised by the texture and even more surprised when I put the extra concentrate in a pitcher and added water.  Funny how something that seems so ordinary to me looks through the eyes of someone who has never seen it before.


  1. That is too cute! I remember having frozen OJ and lemonade growing up, but I never bought it for myself when I moved out. A couple of years ago, we were having a summer party and I was going to make a big punch and rediscovered frozen concentrates all over again. I know I was in that section for at least 30 minutes looking at all the neat mixes and new things they had now. We still don't buy them often, but they sure are a time saver! So much flavor in a tiny container! :)

    Speaking of being in the frozen section ... when we were getting groceries the other night, there was a big sale on the brand that had the frozen rhubarb. I looked in a couple of places, but most of the sections were pretty picked over because of the good deal, and I didn't see any rhubarb this time. I'm getting a bag next time I see it! :)

  2. Hi Cindy! I always loved rhubarb and was so excited to read your post today!!! And that is really funny about the frozen concentrate juices! We never buy it either - I will have to ask Anne if she knows what it is!

  3. That is too cute -- love how he reacted to juice concentrates!!! :) And that drink looks tasty!!


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