43 New-to-Me ...#12 Rose Petal Spread

I was giddy when I found a huge can of something called "Rose Petal Spread" at an Indian market. I've had rose water, rose hip tea and have eaten rose petals decorating a fancy plate, but I'd never even heard of rose petal spread. That's exactly the kind of food I wanted to try for my 43 New-to-Me birthday challenge.

I served the rose petal spread as the fifth new-to-me food I tried with my friends and former coworkers Marcia, JoAnn, Stephanie and Diana. I'd done some quick Googling and learned that people spread it on crackers or plain cookies as a sweet treat. We each readied our plates with a variety of crackers and some Nilla Wafers. Then I opened the can and we peeked inside.... 

NOT what any of us were expecting! The label was pink and pretty, like roses. The actual product was brown and gloppy, not at all like roses. Fortunately, this very ugly food smelled and tasted much better than it looked. It reminded me of honey in a lot of ways. It was very sweet and extremely floral. It was pretty good on the crackers, but way too much with the Nillas. I gave it a 6. The others rated it a 5, 5, 6 and 8.


  1. Bummer it wasn't as pretty inside as the packaging!! LOVING your page ... that flower is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What an interesting product! I have to agree with Julie -- I love that flower!! :)


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