Flower Cards

This weekend was the 4th anniversary of my goddaughters' baptisms. I like to give them a little special something each year for the occasion. I made some simple flower cards this time. I started with embossed blue cardstock, added three Prima flowers, cut leaves from green cardstock and tucked them under the flowers, and added the paper embellishments to the centers of each flower. Quick and easy!

Inside, I tucked a few dollars with instructions to buy something beautiful for their garden. My hope is that as their chosen plant blooms and grows, they'll be reminded of their baptism and their lifelong growth as children of God.


  1. So gorgeous!!!! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!

  2. These are so pretty Cindy!! I have so many of these flowers that I should use them!!

  3. Pretty cards and really neat gift idea and symbolism!

  4. Beautiful cards Cindy!! I love the bright, vibrant colors you used!! :)


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