Tomorrow, Steve and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary. We're headed to Half Moon Bay. Grandma will stay here with Trevor and Trouble. I can't wait. Steve and I are staying at a beautiful inn on the beach, with plans for leisurely meals, long walks, geocaching, movies, and board games. But the first thing we'll do after checking in is to pose for our annual anniversary photo together. Starting with our 5th anniversary, we have used the GorillaPod and the self-timer to take a picture of us on the bed.

Pleasanton, 2009:

Lafayette, 2010:

Benicia, 2011

Napa, 2012

Sonoma, 2013

Capitola, 2014

These are some of my absolute favorite layouts. They represent so many fun adventures. Thanks to Steve for eleven fantastic years. I love you! Happy anniversary!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy anniversary!! :) What a great tradition to scrapbook too!

  3. Happy anniversary. Such a great idea to do an annual photo. Beautiful layouts. I love them!


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