NSD Challenge #2: Then-and-Now and Tree/Leaves

The second National Scrapbook Day Challenge was to make a then-and-now layout and incorporate a tree or leaves. Here's what I made:

About four years ago, I made my very first then-and-now layout (here) using the first two photos of Trevor by the upstairs baby gate. I wanted to make another layout with those photos and include a more recent photo too. I can't believe how big he is getting! Almost 9. Where does the time go?!

Two women played along with my challenge. I love both of their layouts! Then-and-now pages are probably my absolute favorites.

by Susan

In fact, I love then-and-now layouts so much that I ended up doing two more on National Scrapbook Day! I'll be sharing those soon.


  1. Loving your take and the other girls lo's too!!! These are AWESOME!!! I LOVE then & now pages!! Pretty soon my family room wall will be all THEN & NOW photos of Adam for his upcoming graduation party!!!!!

  2. Love your. And theirs! I'm pretty sure I have never done a then and now layout. I do love the comparison though. All the layouts are really great. The years go by too quickly.

  3. It's a great way to chart growth and the passing of time. Everyone did awesome.:)

  4. Wow! I am inspired!! All these layouts are very touching and really well done.

  5. These layouts are awesome! I need to do one like this.

  6. So awesome! I love that you did an updated version of the first version!! :)


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