NSD Challenge #5: Stamping, Triangles and Speech Bubbles

The fifth National Scrapbook Day challenge was to combine stamping, triangles and speech bubbles on a project. Of the ten challenges, this was the hardest for me. I really struggled to find a photo that would work with a speech bubble before settling on one of Trevor leaping into a pile of leaves with a loud, "Hiya!" Once I chose that picture, I stamped a leaf background on an ancient piece of speckled orangey-yellow patterned paper. I added cardstock triangles pointing toward Trevor's face and the journaling to form a visual triangle with the title in the speech bubble.

More about that patterned paper. Just how ancient is it? Well, if you look closely, you can see that printed on the FRONT of the paper is the date and copyright info (00 J. Lanoy Bo Bunny Press). So it's 15 years old. I can't fathom why any company, even fifteen years ago when the scrapbook industry was newish, would print copyright info on the patterned side of the paper. It's on the back as well, so it wasn't a matter of saving money by only printing on one side. I almost didn't use the paper because it bothered me so much. I tried to cover it, but then decided to just not worry about it. I'm really glad that manufacturers stopped that terrible practice!

One scrapper played along with this challenge. Cute, isn't it?

Next week I'll be sharing the last five challenges and will announce the lucky winner(s).


  1. Love love love the takes on this challenge!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't use speech bubbles much either. Not sure why. I like them fine. Maybe I am too literal and think the speech bubble should reflect actual speech, rather than just being an embellishment to layer on a page. In any case, your layout is super cute and I really like how you used the speech bubble. Really odd about the copyright info!! A fun fact though! Nice take on the challenge by Michaela too.

    1. I'm very literal too. I've only used speech bubbles for direct quotes. As it is, I would have preferred to have this direct quote in Trevor's handwriting (rather than letter stickers) but he wasn't home when I made this.

  3. I love your take on this challenge, Cindy! I really like the simplicity of it! And Michaela's take is awesome, too. And I would also like to thank you so much for always visiting my blog! Happy Mother's Day to you, my friend! ENJOY!!! Hugs!!

  4. I'm notorious for the speech bubbles on my cards! LOL But I can't say I've done it much on my layouts -- what a fun way to put a title on your page! LOVE it! :)


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