Crazy Sock Day

It's Red Ribbon Week here in the United States. Red Ribbon Week is an annual event to teach kids how important it is to stay drug-free. 

Trevor's school celebrates each year with a week of spirit days. Monday was Crazy Sock Day. Trevor planned to wear one white athletic sock and one black dress sock (the only types of socks he currently owns). That didn't seem very crazy to me, so I suggested we make our own crazy socks for him to wear. 

When we went to Trevor's cousin's soccer game last weekend, I brought along two of Trevor's white socks and a bunch of pens so that we could make crazy socks during halftime. I'd meant to grab the Sharpies, so I was surprised when we got to the soccer field and I had Prismacolor art markers in my tote instead of Sharpies. Oops. 

I put the socks on a clipboard on my lap where Trevor and I could both reach them. I made colorful polka dots on one sock while Trevor put stripes on the other.

It hardly took any time at all to finish. The Prismacolors worked just as well as Sharpies would have. 

Trevor got a lot of compliments on his homemade crazy socks. 


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