Pumpkin Party, 2015

Last weekend was my sister's annual family Pumpkin Party. It was great fun, as always. Last year's Disney theme worked out so well that we'd decided to do it again. 

See if you can guess what I made. The very first thing I did was to paint eyeballs on two identical pumpkins.

Then I trimmed paper bowls and painted them red. I poked Twisteezwire down through the top and attached a yellow craft foam flag to each. I poked several lengths of orange pipe cleaner into each pumpkin. Now can you guess?
Here's the big reveal! Do you recognize them?

It's Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, from Alice in Wonderland!

Do you recognize Trevor's character?

It's Heimlich, the caterpillar from A Bug's Life who loves candy corn.

As usual, everyone blew us away with their creativity. Somehow, even with both Steve and me taking pictures, we didn't get photos of most of the pumpkins. My nephew, Timothy, made a gravity-defying Rapunzel's tower that was really cool. 

Three of my sister's neighbors came over to judge our creations. They got scorecards with points for creativity, carving, and for using the theme. After the scores were totaled, there was a tie! This has never happened before in 12+ years of Pumpkin Parties. Congrats to ....

Sherri! (She's my sister's mother-in-law.) She made this gorgeous representation of the fireworks at Disneyland. Pictures can't begin to capture how cool it was. 
And sharing the title of winner... Dave! (my dad). He made "Mickey's Revolving Message Fun Wheel." If you look carefully, the small pumpkins spell out a message (Happy birthday Timothy). Unfortunately, I photographed it before he removed the paint cans that were supporting the main pumpkin while he was drilling it and apparently I didn't go back and take a proper photo afterward. I'm hoping some other family members did.

As has become tradition, we spent the last few minutes of the party discussing the theme for next year's event. The consensus was for the theme to be Holidays. I don't have an idea yet, but I'm sure something will come to me in the next 11.5 months.


  1. HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving all the pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my! A creative family indeed! How fabulous are these!

  3. You have such a fun and creative family. The pumpkins are fabulous, every one!


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