Sympathy Cards

I had to make sympathy cards this week. For obvious reasons, they are my least favorite types of cards. I don't know why, but I almost always pull out stamps when making sympathy cards. This time, I designed a card with pale grey butterflies on a cream background, surrounding a black sentiment. I used the same stamp set and a similar technique as on this card, but the results are completely different. 

Spending the time to fussy cut all those butterflies was actually very therapeutic. I'm not able to attend the memorial service, so it gave me a chance to reflect and honor someone who will be dearly missed by many. 

I think part of the reason why I don't have a stockpile of sympathy cards is that making them is a way of focusing on that person's life and all the loved ones left behind. 


  1. They are the hardest cards to make. Yours is beautiful and I am sure it will be appreciated!

  2. This came out so pretty!! I actually like making sympathy cards. It gives me an excuse to use soft, muted colors and just go simple. I also get a lot of requests from co-workers to buy this type of card too. Lovely design!!

  3. This card is beautiful and I'm sure that the recipient will be touched by your thought in making it for them.

  4. It's beautiful.
    And I agree, these cards are the hardest to make.


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