Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Some of the best kids' crafts are those that use materials you already have on hand. For example, old magazines. And you know how I love a scavenger hunt! Magazine + scavenger hunt + art project = fun!!

Materials: kid-friendly magazine, white paper, scissors and glue. (Letter stickers or a pen to write letters are optional.) 

For my scavenger hunt, I used Food Network Magazine. Others, like Birds and Blooms, Taste of Home, and Family Fun, are also excellent choices with beautiful photography. While they are not specifically FOR children, I know that there are no objectionable ads or articles that might be in other seemingly-innocuous magazines. I learned that the hard way many years ago when someone donated a pile of perfectly innocent-looking magazines to my classroom that had PG-13 rated advice columns, articles and ads. Sigh.

Anyway, the goal of the project is to find a picture of one item for each letter from A to Z. As you find it, tear it out and set it aside. Then, cut each item neatly and arrange it on the white paper to make a collage. 

I didn't glue anything down until I'd found all 26 items. You can see some differences between the work-in-progress above and the one below. 

When I'd found all the items, I glued them in place. Can you identify each item from A to Z?

Here they are with their letter stickers in place. That makes it a bit easier. 

Check your answers! You should have found: apples, bread, corn, donut, egg, float, grapes, hamburger, ice cream, jalapeño, kiwi, lime, mushroom, nacho, orange, popcorn, quinoa, ribs, salad, Triscuits, unsweetened chocolate (a little creative license there), vinegar, watermelon, xtra-virgin olive oil (more creative license), yogurt, and zucchini. 

Give it a try!


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