The Big Reveal

I've been keeping a secret from Steve. A huge, exciting, can't-wait-to-tell-him surprise. (No, I am not pregnant. This is more of a Bucket List type of surprise than a completely life-altering surprise.) I knew he would be thrilled when he found out. Rather than tell him outright, I decided to tell him via clues in numbered envelopes. That kind of thing is really fun for me. 

Steve had no idea why I was so excited or what was in the envelopes I'd given him. 

Here's Clue #1:

I love the suspense!

Here's Clue #2:

He had a guess, but didn't want to say in case he was wrong.

This is Clue #3:

The Big Reveal was in the 4th envelope.  

Steve was just as excited as I knew he would be! Have you figured out the big surprise? I'll tell you all about it on Monday!!


  1. I know it's something to do with Disney ... I am guessing Cruise ... but thinking I may be wrong! LOL!!!!!

  2. Well the Mickey Mouse head has me thinking Disney, of course... but the other 2 clues don't help me at all! LOL!

  3. You don't get to go to club 33 at Disneyland, do you??? That would ROCK.

  4. I think I know... Is it something your sister recently did?

  5. He gets to dine at the exclusive Disneyland Club 33!


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