Trevor's Penguins of Madagascar Birthday Party

Hello! This is Trevor. My class is doing a school math project. This is the assignment:
"You are planning a birthday party. Your parents have agreed that you may invite four people and will give you $120.00 to buy everything that you need."
For this project, I decided to do what I actually want to do for my 10th birthday. First, I picked a theme, Penguins of Madagascar. I chose the theme because I thought it would be fun. It has a lot of crafts that you can make and the movies are cool. 

First, I decided to get these invitations ($0.99). 

Next, I chose decorations:
  • Balloon ($2.69)

  • Streamers ($0.99)

  • Tissue Penguin ($9.99)

Next I decided on my menu. I chose:

  • Round Table Pizza, one Maui Zaui ($18.99) and one pepperoni ($15.99)

  • Strawberries from the farmers market ($6.00)

  • Pretzels ($1.99)

  • Sprite ($0.99)

  • Lemonade (free because my grandma has a lemon tree)

  • Popcorn (free from Picnic Day) We'll eat this while we watch Penguins of Madagascar.

  • Cupcakes (have ingredients) Everyone gets to decorate their cupcakes with frosting, candy eyes, other candy and Sparkle Gel ($2.99)

  • These candles ($1.98) will be on my cupcake.

Next I decided how my table setting will be. I chose:

  • Light blue tablecloth ($1.99)

  • Black plates ($3.99)

  • Black forks ($2.69)

  • Black polka dot napkins ($2.17) 

  • Black cups ($2.99)

These are our party games and activities:

  • The piñata will be filled with 60 packs of Pez ($15.90).

  •  We are going to play 'Pin the Beak On the Penguin!' ($1.00 for poster board)
  •  We will also play The Present Game. The present will have these Pez dispensers in it ($20.00).

  • Everyone will get a party bag to put their things in.

When I added all of those up, I got $116.59. My change is $3.41. That's my math project! I hope you liked it. I'm looking forward to my birthday!


  1. We love the penguins-they will make for a super fun party.You did an excellent job on this homework.. Thinking you would make a darn good event planner!

  2. How awesome!! LOVING your theme ... and great party planning on a budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a great and fun way to teach children how to budget!
    You did such a great job! Hope you have fun at your birthday party!


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