Ice Skating (Recital #4)

Anyone remember my attempts to guess what the theme of Trevor's fourth ice skating recital would be? Not surprisingly, it wasn't Prison.  It wasn't Halloween either, though Steve's guess of 'Thriller' was the closest either of us came.

Check it out:

Trevor is the only boy in the routine, so he should be easy for you all to spot. 

Unfortunately, two of the girls lined up in the wrong spots at the beginning. That small mistake messed up pretty much the entire routine, as every formation was off. The kids split into two groups of 3 and 8, rather than more equal groups of 5 and 6. That meant the circle didn't split where it should have. They almost fixed it, but then they split into the same incorrect groups as before. The rotations of 3 in one group and 8 in another had no prayer of staying together or staying with the music. With all the formations off, they didn't transition to the next moves in time and ran out of music before doing an entire end section. You can see the confusion throughout the piece. At any given time, you can see a few kids trying to correct the problem, a few going with the flow, and a few who are clueless that there even is a problem. It's too bad, as the routine looked fantastic during their last practice. Oh well!  

Anyway, the theme for the whole recital was 'I Love School.' Did you guess? Any guesses for what the next recital will be? It's right before Christmas, so I wouldn't be surprised if they perform to holiday songs. 

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